New Product - 1×N MEMS Optical Switch


​With the rapid development of optical fiber, the traditional communication devices with electricity as the core is hard to meet the needs of high-speed and large-capacity optical communication network. MEMS optical switch has become one of the important devices in all optical communication network due to its small size, easy integration and large capacity.

MEMS optical switch is based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical System(MEMS) technology, using the micromirrors to control and switch the optical path. Its function is shown in the following figure:


MEMS is a micro-device or system which can be produced in batches by interacting micro-machinery, micro-actuators, signal processing and control circuits. The principle of MEMS optical switches is very simple. When optical exchange is performed, the angle of the MEMS micro-mirror is moved or changed by the driving of electrostatic force or magnetic power, and the input light is switched to different output ends of the optical switch to realize the switching and on-off of the optical path. Its schematic diagram is shown in the following figure:


Compared with traditional mechanical optical switches, MEMS optical switches have the following advantages:

1. Small size and large exchange capacity

2. MEMS chip can be mass produced, so the single cost is not high

MEMS Optical Switch is an ideal component for OXC,MCS, system monitoring and protection, optical fiber sensing, and equipment reuse protection.

Now, HYC can provide a series of MEMS optical switches in 1×N configuration, such as 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32, 1x48, etc. Customization is available. The general indicators are as follows: