3 Port TAP Device
3 Port TAP Device
3 Port TAP Device
3 Port TAP Device
3 Port TAP Device
3 Port TAP Device
3 Port TAP Device
3 Port TAP Device
3 Port TAP Device

3 Port TAP Device

Model NO.
3 Port TAP
The 3-port TAP (Network Splitter) device is mainly used for analysis and monitoring of network signal transmission.

HYC's 3-port TAP Devices have Excellent Performance Parameters:

3-port TAP device_03.jpg
The 3-port TAP product has an optional
split ratio of 1% to 50% for customers to
choose. The tolerance of the split ratio is ≤±2%
to ensure the accuracy of network monitoring.

TAP devices meet full-band (1260~1650nm) transmission and are more versatile than FBT (fused cone) products.

SM FBT coupler_03.jpg

TAP Device
Low insertion loss compared to PLC product

SM FBT coupler.jpg

FBT (fused cone) Device
There are water peaks, not working in full band

3-port TAP device_13.jpg
HYC 3-port TAP device has a mature production
process. The optical path ismade of glue-free
and semi-automaticconditions. It supports the
harsh environment of -40°C~+85°C to
ensurestable signal transmission.

Network construction

TAP products can be made according to customer requirements to make fiber connectors for network construction.

SM FBT coupler_30.jpg

Systematic Traceability and Quality Assurance

HYC's independently developed production management system, each product has a complete electronic process to ensure the quality reliability and traceability of the device.

SM FBT coupler_38.jpg

Independently developed production
information management system

management system.jpg

Compliance with international standards

The 3-port TAP device of HYC conforms to RoHS and TelcordiaGR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE.

SM FBT coupler_30.jpg

  • RoHS
  • TelcordiaGR-1209-CORE
  • GR-1221-CORE
  • IEC 61300-2


ItemUnit3port TAP
Fiber modeSingle Mode (SM)Multimode (MM)
Operating wavelengthnm1260~1650800~900
TAP Ratio%90 : 1080 : 2070 : 3060 : 4050 : 50
Insertion Loss Pass PortdB≤1.0≤1.5≤2.1≤2.8≤3.5
Insertion Loss Tap PortdB≤10.6≤7.5≤5.8≤4.5≤3.5
Return LossdB≥50≥30
Wavelength Dependent LossdB≤0.5
Maximum Power HandlingmW≤500
Fiber typeCorning Ultra/G657A2OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4
Package dimensionmmФ4.0xL30 for 250um bare fiber ; Ф5.5xL38 for 900um loose tube
Operation temperature-40~+85

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