6-port CWDM
6-port CWDM
6-port CWDM
6-port CWDM
6-port CWDM
6-port CWDM
6-port CWDM

6-port CWDM

Model NO.
6-port CWDM
6-port CWDM devices are used in passive optical WDM module. Because the compact design, its dimension is the same with a 3-port device and it can be used as two 3-port devices in WDM module, but the cost is almost as the same with a 3-port device.

Excellent Performance Parameters (WDM systems with low loss and high isolation)

3-port FWDMen_03.jpg

Lower Insertion Loss

Lower insertion loss makes CWDM devices have lower signal attenuation when used in WDMsystems,which reduces the power requirementfor signal transmitters.

High Isolation

The high isolation makes CWDM device use in the WDM system to isolate the signals adequately when transmitting multiple signals, and effectively prevent the signal from being distorted due to the crosstalk between the signals.

3-port FWDM_07.jpg
3-port FWDM_11.jpg

Mature Production Process

HYC 6-port CWDM device has a mature production process. The optical path is made by non-glue and semi-automatic condition packaging. It has stable and reliable performance. It supports the work in the harsh environment of -40 ~+85℃, and ensures the stable transmission of signals.

Low Cost、High Quality

The 6-port CWDM developed by HYC is equivalent to two 3-port products, but its cost is equivalent to that of a 3-port CWDM device. It is suitable for dual-fiber bidirectional signal transmission module in WDM system.

LC Quad Adapter SC type

Compliance with international standards

The 6-port CWDM device of HYC conforms to RoHS and TelcordiaGR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE.

3-port FWDM_26.jpg
  • HI-POWER 500nw
  • RoHS
  • TelcordiaGR-1209-CORE
  • GR-1221-CORE

Mini Package Size (compact structure, space saving)

The 6-port CWDM device of HYC can provide smaller package size, which can satisfy the small size passive wavelength division multiplexing module system, effectively save space and facilitate more equipment installation.

3-port FWDM_36.jpg3-port FWDMEN_30.jpg3-port FWDMen_34.jpg


ItemsUnit6-Port CWDM
Operating wavelengthnm1260~1620nm&1460~1620nm
Transmission bandnm±6.5nm、±7.0nm、±7.5nm
Transmission band insertion lossdB≤0.7
Reflection band insertion lossdB≤0.4
Transmission Adjacent IsolationdB≥30
Transmission Non-adjacent isolationdB≥45
Reflection IsolationdB≥15
Reflection IsolationdB≥50
Package dimensionmmΦ5.5xL38mm、Φ5.5xL34mm; MINI:Φ4.0xL30mm、Φ3.2xL30mm
Operating temperature-40~+85

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