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​With the rapid development of optical fiber, the traditional communication devices with electricity as the core is hard to meet the needs of high-speed and large-capacity optical communication network. MEMS optical switch has become one of the important devices in all optical communication network due to its small size, easy integration and large capacity.
To meet the requirements of some special applications, HYC has developed a new type of polarization maintaining connector. HYC's exclusive patented design of this polarization-maintaining connector has a 360° ferrule adjustable. During the process of assembling, the polarization axis of fiber is aligned with the connector key by rotating the ferrule until the polarization axis is aligned with the connector’s keyway.
​March in Southern China is full of vitality and HYC welcomes a day of special significance. On March 31, with the last bucket of concrete poured, in the loud and festive firecrackers, the main building of the first phase project of HYC device production base was successfully topped off. This is a brand new milestone of the whole HYC building project.
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