360°Ferrule Rotation Adjustable Polarization Maintaining(PM) Optical Fiber Connector


To meet the requirements of some special applications, HYC has developed a new type of polarization maintaining connector. HYC's exclusive patented design of this polarization-maintaining connector has a 360 ° ferrule adjustable. During the process of assembling, the polarization axis of fiber is aligned with the connector key by rotating the ferrule until the polarization axis is aligned with the connector’s keyway.


Compared with the traditional fiber adjustment method, it takes a shorter time to operate, which greatly improves the assembly efficiency. The polarization maintaining angle can be controlled within ±1°, and the high extinction ratio is maintained above ≥ 25dB.


This PM fiber optic connector compliance with international standards, including RoHS/REACH/UL94-V0 and GR-326 Test. In order to meet various requirements, it is designed with a variety of types for choosing (LC/FC/SC, APC/UPC, etc.).

PM fiber optic connectors have the advantages of high precision, low loss, ultra-high extinction ratio, convenient manufacturing technology, high efficiency, higher maneuverability and patent protection, etc. They are widely used in many fields such as aerospace, navigation, unmanned driving system, communication, highly sensitive interferometer, poly-deviation wavelength division multiplexer, and other fields.