FBT Fiber Optic Coupler Splitters
FBT Fiber Optic Coupler Splitters
FBT Fiber Optic Coupler Splitters
FBT Fiber Optic Coupler Splitters
FBT Fiber Optic Coupler Splitters
FBT Fiber Optic Coupler Splitters
FBT Fiber Optic Coupler Splitters

FBT Fiber Optic Coupler Splitters

Model NO.
SM FBT coupler
FBT fiber optic coupler splitters has the advantages of wide operating wavelength range, small size, high stability and reliability.

HYC's FBT coupler has excellent performance parameters:

The FBT coupler has lower insertion loss than the PLC with the same number of branches and has a wide operating wavelength.

SM FBT coupler_03.jpg

Low insertion loss compared to PLC product

SM FBT coupler.jpg

Operating wavelength 1310±40&1550±40nm

The FBT coupler has an optional split ratio of 1% to 50% for customers to choose. The tolerance of the split ratio is ±2% to ensure the accuracy of network monitoring.

SM FBT coupler_09.jpg

Typical uniformity≤1.0dB

The FBT coupler provided by HYC can support the harsh environment of -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C to ensure the stable transmission of signals.

SM FBT coupler_14.jpg

Small size, easy to install

The FBT coupler is packaged in a round steel tube and is small in size, making it easy to install in more applications.

SM FBT coupler_30.jpg

Multiple modes, Customizable

The FBT coupler not only available in a variety of split modes and package types, but also can be customized according to customer requirements.

SM FBT coupler_14.jpg

Size : Φ3.0×L45mm   Tube Type : 250um fiber

SM FBT coupler_14.jpg

Size : Φ3.0×L54mm   Tube Type : 900um loose tube

SM FBT coupler_14.jpg

Size : L90×W20×H10mm   Tube Type : 2.0/3.0mm loose tube

Network construction

The FBT coupler has different split ratios and is suitable for real-time monitoring of optical network data or power.

SM FBT coupler_30.jpg

Systematic Traceability and Quality Assurance

HYC's independently developed production management system, each product has a complete electronic process to ensure the quality reliability and traceability of the device.

SM FBT coupler_38.jpg

Independently developed production
information management system

management system.jpg

Compliance with international standards

HYC's FBT coupler with RoHS compliant, meets the IEC 61300-2, TelcordiaGR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE.

SM FBT coupler_30.jpg

  • RoHS
  • TelcordiaGR-1209-CORE
  • GR-1221-CORE
  • IEC 61300-2


ParametersSM FBT coupler
Product typeWide band coupler (WBC)Dual-window coupler (DWC)Three-window coupler (TWC)
Operating wavelength (nm)1310 or 15501310 and 15501310, 1490 and 1550
Operating bandwidth1310±40 or 1550±401310/1550±401310/1550±40 and 1490±10
Return Loss(dB)≥50
Directivity (dB)≥55
Operating temperature (℃)-40~+85
Storage temperature (℃)-40~+85
Fiber typeCorning SMF-28
Fiber diameter (mm)0.25 / 0.9 / 2.0 / 3.0 
Package (mm)3x45 / 3x54 / 3x60 / 90x20x10

Without Connector

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